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HABA Fantasia – All Pieces

All 95 wooden details of the German mosaic. Very joyful and pleasant pieces, funny faces, positive animals. The size of the pieces is small: the width of the cat’s muzzle is 36 mm, the smallest pieces are the rectangles in the lower right corner – 8×17 mm. We bought the mosaic 5-year-old Arisha, she loves small details in mosaics. The mosaic is not suitable for the outdoors – the pieces are too small, so we play at home. The mosaic comes with a square (side 24.5 cm) tablet with a frame for creating pictures. There are holes in the tablet, so you can hang the picture on a wall for admiring. But it seemed too small to us, so we use a black magnetic board 30×30 cm. And on a black background, the pictures look even better.

HABA Fantasia - All Pieces
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