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Just an element

The element rotating in the center of the structure is a very important feature according to my older son and his younger sisters, who actively participated in building this temple for the element.

Just an element

4 thoughts on “Just an element

  1. Very beautiful! And the color is nice. Reminds me of the Emerald City.

    1. Thank you! The children decided to focus on sets in blue-green tones, however, they also couldn’t get past the pink shades 🙂 But for now we are looking at red-orange plates.

      1. Never doubted in you :)))

        1. It’s just that I know where it all leads – we’ll buy it, it won’t be enough, and we’ll run to the store and back until the number of panels reaches the desired level. And then we’ll want rods of the same color :))) And Santa Claus is already shaking the bag… But a small set is worth buying, you are right, just to look and evaluate it :)))

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