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Is It A House?

The chipmunk tried to settle in this house, but, apparently, didn’t consider it a reliable home.

Is It A House?

4 thoughts on “Is It A House?

  1. What a wonderful photo! I never saw a chipmunk this close. Are they shy?

    1. First of all, they are insolent and they are good runners, and being shy comes second. They were constantly hanging around the house, once they even almost dropped it, but as soon as I stood behind the camera, they immediately rushed off. I had to sit quietly and wait, but they returned very quickly – the desire to grab something tasty overcame all fears…

      1. Hmm, you can lure a lot of things with tasty food… If I remember correcly, you once wrote that a chipmunk lived in your house for some time. Was it a wild, domesticated animal or some special domestic breed?

        1. Yes, a chipmunk lived in our house, and it was the most common forest animal. We lived in China back then, we didn’t have children yet, we had to bring up someone 🙂 so we bought a small chipmunk cub in the market. They were sold by the hundreds in huge boxes, the cubs were huddled in big balls and warmed themselves. He lived with us for six months – from May to October, and we were very good friends. He sat cutely on the table and had breakfast with us, holding a piece of cheese in his paws. He liked to sit on my shoulder when I worked on translations and peeped into the dictionary. But then he began to prepare for winter, he became ferocious, he gnawed all the wires and was sent out of town to our friends to live in their house.

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