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Looking for points of contact

Looking for contact points of between two magnetic construction sets, my children built this town.

Looking for points of contact

5 thoughts on “Looking for points of contact

  1. It’s great!

  2. Mike, thank you very much for the photo – its a very interesting project!

    1. Thank you, but we basically materialized someone else’s idea.

  3. Fantastic! Liked it very very much!

  4. I looked at the photo and tried to remember what do these transparent Magna-Tiles remind me of. I remembered what caused the association… We recently watched the film with the children. And at the end of the film there are many scenes with ice, when it is broken, chipped off, the ice melts and the like. That’s what Magna-Tiles on the palace reminded me of – a multi-colored, melted crust of ice that hides a beautiful palace under it, the ice gradually melts, freeing the palace from ice shackles 🙂

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