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Magformers Light – Illuminated Magnetic Building

A radar in green tones…

Not so long ago Magformers with illumination appeared on the toy market. Usually they offer a set of 55 parts, which, in addition to triangles and squares, includes 6 white pyramids. But I unexpectedly came across a set of 48 transparent parts – triangles, high isosceles triangles, squares, small rectangles and diamonds. It is lighted by an LED enclosed under a matte case on a square magnetic piece – you can attach it to the craft any way you like. There are several lighting modes – first, the variable one, which changes color like a Christmas decoration in 2 modes, fast and slow. Then there are modes with only one color at a time – red, yellow, piercing yellow, greenish, blue, pink, and neutral white. The LED charges very quickly from a computer via a USB port. Full charge is enough for one busy construction evening.

The reaction of children to the backlight is difficult to describe – they liked it very much. I had to take take turns giving the LED piece to children. With it, crafts come to life, rockets and cars are illuminated, houses with luminous windows are very cozy.

Magformers Light - Illuminated Magnetic Building
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