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Magtastik Boat

A yacht made from Magtastik building kit, ready to sail high seas.

Magtastik Boat

3 thoughts on “Magtastik Boat

  1. What a beauty! We are also crazy about this constructor, even the 90-month-old nephew is interested!)) Tatiana, do you have an Amusement Park from the same series? Did the cars came like from it?

    1. 9-month-old, of course.

      1. No, we don’t have an Amusement Park (Wonder Coaster) set. Although, I think, my youngest will be so interested in it. This spring, I bought a large mixed set, there were parts from several sets, including these cars. But the same carts are included in small sets with an airplane and a steam locomotive, if I remember correctly.

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