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Our Tower

Big structures like this one can be built surprisingly quickly, and the magnets are strong enough to keep them together.

Our Tower

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  1. I have no words. Very good. So many interesting things at once! Large buildings, and small ones, both complex and simple – all are remarkable. Beautiful, exciting, stylish! While there were few crafts on this constructor, somehow it was still possible to just look at it, but now… It seems that this constructor has a good chance of becoming the first one I will try to buy after seeing it online…

    1. THANK YOU! The constructor is really interesting, and buying it is like a tsunami. At first I bought a small set to occupy the youngest one during a hosp[ital visit, and then it spinned out of control…

      1. The designer hooked me… My husband says that this is already an addiction … Apparently, it is relatively hard to find? (did not find a single offer of second-hand pieces in bulk). Strange, but not all of the kits available for sale are listed on the manufacturer’s website. And I didn’t see in any set these long non-equilateral triangles, and you do not have them either. How many pieces do you have now?

        1. Yes, the designer is an old one, I first saw it in the spring of 2009, and not always available. The kits on the site are all presented in form and content, but not in color – the color scheme is not shown. There are similar sets with different colors. I have not seen long triangles myself, only in advertising on their website. Probably they are not sold now. We have several sets. I know for sure that I bought 2 large sets with 62 pieces, there are 12 pentagons in each set. I bought yellow-blue and red-violet versions. Separately, we also bought a set of 20 hexagons. More hexagons are included in sets with wheels, there are 2 of them in a set. 2 sets with wheels of different colors, because for some reason one set was not enough, and a few smaller sets. In total: 134 squares, 96 triangles, 24 pentagons, 24 hexagons, 4 wheelsets. Parts in sets with wheels are slightly thinner, but compatible with others. It’s enough… for now.

          1. Yes, I understood about the two-colored details from the pictures. But there is also a set of 50 parts for sale. I saw it on ebay by the way, for only about $26.

  2. Yes, this set is often available on ebay at a lower price, but delivery may be expensive, depending on where you live.

  3. Tatiana, please tell me, did I understand correctly that there are 4 wheels in the XL Cruisers set?

    1. Yes, 4 wheels. Wheels ara fixed to pieces. 2 wheels are fixed on a square platform with a magnetic square for further construction. Accordingly, the set includes 2 platforms with wheels. Wheels are plastic, tires are rubber.

  4. This set got me hooked too. And my husband also says this is an addiction and I’m a maniac of building sets. But judging by the fact that Magna Tiles is in great demand in our family, we also really need this constructor. So we will buy this wonderful set in near future, we now have it in our plans at number 1.

  5. Just remember that price on ebey may change any moment. And which sets you decided to buy first?

    1. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy on

  6. Tatiana, can you please give me a link to a set of 20 hexagons?

  7. And to this set wih wheels.

  8. And to these 60-piece two-tone sets.

    1. All sets are here. The biggest one has 62 parts, only this one has pentagons. They are also available as a separate set – 12 pieces per set. Hexagons are sold separately – 20 pcs. They are also available in sets with wheels – 2 pcs. in each set. The rest of the sets are different combinations of squares and triangles. Colors – usually all parts are two-tone, yellow-blue, green-violet and red-violet options. There is also a blue-orange one, but I saw it and we only have it in a set with wheels, there are no other blue-orange sets. Now the site has multi-color options, too.

      1. Thank you so much for such useful advice!

  9. I didn’t see from the photo that the wheels can have different colors. It seems that they are all silver, and the tires are black. What color can they be?

    1. Silver plastic wheels, black rubber tires, you can take the tires off.

      1. Thank you.

  10. Tatyana, could you please tell me how often the pentagons are included in set from booklets? How often do your kids use them in their art? I have already ordered a 62-piece set for children, and one with wheels. Now I want to add 20 hexagons and, in thought, take another 62-piece set. Or maybe the the usual one with 50 pieces, with more squares and triangles. It seems that the most common parts in this set are squares, triangles and hexagons. Or am I mistaken? What do you think, what sets and in what quantity should be optimal in the game if 1 child is playing? For some reason it seems to me that there must be a set with 62 parts, 20 hexagons, one with wheels and another with 30 or 50 parts. Sorry to burden you with my questions, but I want to order once. I don’t want to discover that there are not enough parts, and I had to buy more, but I didn’t… Thank you!

    1. From personal experience – 12 pentagons from the largest set are enough for any game. They are mainly used in the construction of balls. I bought the 2nd set of 62 parts “just in case” and my son really asked for the yellow-blue color. You’ll need hexagons, we realized this already on the second day of the game – they are used often. Squares and triangles are the most popular pieces and there are always too few of them 🙂 It think that for the game of 1 child, the combination of 62 parts + 20 hexagons + 1 set with wheels will be optimal for starting + a set of 50 parts or 2 sets of 50, if funds allow and do not want to reorder later 🙂

      1. Tatiana, thank you very much for the answer. So, I thought in the right direction… As I decided, I will buy 20 hexagons and 50 piece set. And then, maybe, I’ll buy other sets as well – like multi-colored ones and the ones with pointed triangles. For now, I think that’s enough for us.

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