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Neocube – Another Type Of Magnetic Constructors

There are only balls and they themselves are magnets, unlike the different building sets, where rods contain magnets.

Neocube - Another Type Of Magnetic Constructors

5 thoughts on “Neocube – Another Type Of Magnetic Constructors

  1. What is the size of the ball and the cube? It seemed very small compared to the hand in the photo. Or are there different sizes? Will a 3-years-old child be interested (provided that we will not swallow it)?

    1. Balls come in three standard sizes: 5, 6 and 7 mm. I think some manufacturers of industrial magnets do something with larger balls (like balls from a normal magnetic set), but most common versions are still small. We (pictured) have 5mm balls. The hand in the photo is five years old. About the age of three I don’t even know, probably it’s too early. By himself (herself) they can only make something abstract. But it feels like this constructor is very pleasant, so it will interest and attract kids. Myaughter at 5 years old collected simple chains, son at 8 years old, using video instructions on the Internet, assembled all these figures himself. The cube is mine, for some reason, children’s cubes “swell up”.

      1. I couldn’t make the cube at all and my husband spend half the night assembling it and cursing. It’s not so simple, the balls with different poles repel each other, so you still need to position them. And it seems to me that its too early and not interesting for 3-years-olds. I really think its more for adults.

  2. Today we received this set. The youngest son is almost three years old, but he plays it with interest. The magnets are strong, no matter how you use them – you’ll make something anyway.

    1. Please be careful! It can be really dangerous if swallowed!

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