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SmartMax Container Jars

We really wanted to try out a completely phenomenon in magnetic building – a round transparent container. We ordered 2 for testing – with balls, which are always in short supply, and curved parpiecests, which we had little. SmartMax released 6 of these jars – with long and short rods, with additional magnetic flowers and with pieces that glow in the dark.

SmartMax Container Jars

1 thought on “SmartMax Container Jars

  1. Of the downsides – transparent jars have 2 stickers on them, with Smartmax and other useless information. These stickers are glued tightly, when you try to carefully remove them, a layer of glue remains, and it is hard to scratch off from the side of the can. The plastic in that place has become a little blurry, like dirty glass. After the failure with the green jar, they decided not to rip the asticker off the orange jar and leave it be, but that didn’t work. The sticker goes on both lids, so it’s impossible to open the jar and not damage the sticker, there are torn pieces left, and the children will rip them off. Well, we tore it all off and washed it… All in all, Smartmax placed the stickers very inconviniently, it would be better if they just made an inscription on the cover.

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