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SmartMax – Roofs

We liked the Flower Palace for its flowers and roofs. Flowers were familiar to us – they appeared in our magnetic collection long ago, with some of the earlier SmartMax kits. And we successfully used them with Magtastik and Bornimago constructors. But when there are many flowers, it is always bright and beautiful. But the roofs from the Flower Palace set simply won us over. You can use them in the usual classic way, like roofs, or you can turn them over and get a vase (in the post below with a magnetic bouquet). As you know, there are never too many details, but still, even from such a quantity, we got a quite spacious 2-storey house, with a ramp for cars (taken from the Basic Stunt set) and a flower gazebo.

SmartMax - Roofs

2 thoughts on “SmartMax – Roofs

  1. So pretty! Looks like a fairy tale house!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, the houses are fabulous, and look like they miss a fairy inside 🙂 And the roofs are excellent, tented. We bought it for 2-year-old Afonya, but Alesya, although she is 7 years old, plays with great pleasure, and even 9-year-old Arishka also wants a set of roofs now (fortunately, there are enough flowers). And now SmartMax has another set with a house – Home Sweet Home, which has panels with windows and shutters… I feel like we will have this constructor as well 🙂 but it’s not a bad thing 🙂

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