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Tegu Explorer Set – Cons

In the new Tegu set – Explorer Set – we found a lot of disadvantages. Which is dissapointing, since the Tegu constructor isn’t exactly cheap… The composition of the set is wonderful. But with the location of the magnets, the inventors obviously did not finalize. So, for example, small and large trapezoids in the sets contain only 1 magnet each on the sides, and its only + and – . Because of this, when assembling a triangular roof from trapezoids, you can’t put it together completely, no matter how you connect the pieces (we experimented with them all). It will always be a discrepancy somewhere, either 2 minuses or 2 pluses will be put against each other. Or it will stand crooked, as in the photo. Very annoying…

Tegu Explorer Set - Cons
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