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Tegu Future – Magnetron

No way we can live without guns and tanks… Actually, after seeing this particular picture on the Internet, my son and I became interested in the Tegu – Future series.

Tegu Future - Magnetron

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  1. Looking at this picture through a computer monitor, I felt (knowing some features of Tegu parts) that there was some kind of catch here. Yes, that is right. You can assemble this model, but since the magnets do not always keep up with the weight of the wooden parts, the gun turret is holding extremely weaklyw, and the triangular prism at the base will slip out. There is no way to turn the tower either, all for the same reason. But you can admire the model 🙂 We, of course, will remake the gun, my son really liked it, but I am convinced that you shold be careful with the samples proposed by the Tegu developers.

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