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Tegu – Wooden Blocks With Magnets

Birch cubes from American brothers Will and Chris Haughey. The name “Tegu” comes from Tegucigalpa – the capital of Honduras, the country the Hogei brothers try to help. A very nice kit in every respect. The details are not too large, not too small, just perfect for both small and large hands. It is fascinating to manipulate, all the time you hold them you want to build something. Details smell of wet birch, they are turned and varnished, without sharp corners. 12 cubes, 4 short planks and 10 long ones – all that makes up the Starter set. It is packed in a strong cardboard box, on the inside of which there is a story about magnets and trees. Dimensions: a cube – 3 cm, a short plank – 3x6x0.7 cm, a long plank – 3x12x0.7 cm.

Manufacturer claims that they make 1000 sets from 1 tree and, with the profits from the sale of these 1000 sets, plant another 100 trees. I would say that not 100, but much more, since the price of the set is not low. But I have contributed to the forests of Honduras, and I have no regrets. One important thing is that planks in this constructor have only 2 magnets – there are no magnets in the center, only at the edges.

Tegu - Wooden Blocks With Magnets
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