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Smartmax Cars – Mounting

Smartmax has many parts for constructing various vehicles – wheels, cabs, bodies, buckets, fire ladders, etc. For a long time, I looked at these sets with doubt, believing that these parts would not hold well and will fall off. But no, the parts are not held by a magnetic connection, but are attached directly to a magnetic rod. Everything snaps into place and doesn’t move anywhere else.

However, most parts – a bucket, a fire ladder and others, are first attached to the cabin. And if you have only one cabin, it will not be possible to attach multiple pieces at the same time. For example, you can’t combine a fire truck with a bulldozer, or a truck with a bulldozer. So you will need a second or even third cabin. Additional (non-magnetic parts) have round holes with 2 or more protrusions. When you insert one piece into another, you get a slightly crackling, but strong joint. The bucket moves up and down, you can put it in a certain position, just like the ladder.

Smartmax Cars - Mounting
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