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You Can Ride Like This Too!

Even more Magformers carnival fun. The whole carousel can rotate.

You Can Ride Like This Too!

7 thoughts on “You Can Ride Like This Too!

  1. Jane, I really liked the set! We also wanted to buy it too, especially since we already have some Magformers and the youngest son builds something out of it every day.

    1. Yes, I myself did not expect to get a whole carousel – I thought it was just a set with details of bright “carnival” colors. And in addition to the carousel, there are also two cute figures!

  2. Surprise! An unusual solution with little men – they did not bother to comment on the set on their website. Jane, tell me, please, what is the design of the carousel itself? Can I have a photo of it separately, without other pieces? And, please specify, there are only 2 squares with seat mounts in this set?

    1. Yes, there are only two squares with little men in chairs in the set. Stand is a purple oval with slots. The legs of two transparent coasters are inserted into them. And then carousel axle is placed on them. I will send photos lates. A surprise indeed!

      1. Thank you!

  3. What an interesting set! Is it possible to buy Magformers on Amazon?

    1. Yeas, of course. Here it is.

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